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The Olympic games: to Kim Jong Un, they’re a way to avoid sanctions

The Olympic games: to Kim Jong Un, they’re a way to avoid sanctions


Olympic truce, Peace, Olive branch: these are the comments about the next meeting between the two Koreas, which will have as main topic the next Winter Olympics and the possibility that Pyongyang’s athletes could take part in them. But Kim Jong Un’s purpose is not peace, it is not the Olympic truce, it is not to offer an olive branch: the aim of the North-Korean leader is only to complete his atomic and missile plan, but at the same time not being forced to surrender by the economic sanctions. 
Here’s that, at the meeting on January 9th beside 38th parallel, we are convinced that North Korea will ask for, in return to the participation of his athletes at the games (so, indirectly, to the guarantee of not leading military provocations in the Olympic period), the reduction or revocation of the sanctions against Pyongyang. 
How will South-Korean president Moon behave in front of Kim’s requests? What will or what may the president of the South promise, he that from the first day of his mandate is trying to obtain a dialogue with Pyongyang, even at the cost of strengthen the North-Korean regime? 
We don’t believe that Moon has freedom of action, and he won’t be able to promise the revocation of the sanctions, as they’re decided by the Security Council of the United States and not by Seul’s government; but he could offer a modification of the calendar of the next combined drill with the United States, scheduled for February 2018. 
 If our perspective is correct, Kim won’t accept anything different from a softening of the sanctions, even not official. For example, South-Korean president could promise not to undertake actions against the ships that commerce oil with Pyongyang in international waters, a practice that is not new at all, but only Seul opposes to (even with the provisional arrest of the ships that are watched while doing this). 
We will let you know on next Tuesday about the results of the meeting between the two Korea, even if we don’t expect concrete results on that day.