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South Korea in Kim Jong Un’s trap

South Korea in Kim Jong Un’s trap


Peace, Olympic games, easing of tensions, opening of the communication routes between Pyongyang and Seoul; but will be in trouble the one who nominates the atomic weapons which North Korea owns. In short, here it is what happened and is happening in these hours at “Peace village” beside the 38th parallel.
Kim, taking advantage of the opportunity of deterrence that the weapons of mass destruction represent, and being conscious of Moon’s desires of inaugurating the new age of “sunshine policy”, capitalized the chance offered by the Winter Olympics to break the alliance between United States and South Korea and to make the North-Korea dictator look like a man who’s searching for a pacific solution to the international controversies. 
In practice, North Korea is approaching a new phase of “good relationships” with the South without giving up one single plutonium gram or one single stage of its ballistic missiles. 
In Europe’s indifference, with China’s and Russia’s blessing, a United States’ enemy now has the possibility of emerging from the isolation of these months and going back to picking up capitals and energies; not to develop quickly the quality of life of the oppressed population of Pyonyang and around, but to conclude the last phase of the strategic project that identifies the atomic weapons as the life insurance of the North-Korean regime. 
Kim’s emissaries asserted that the atomic weapons are not pointed against South Korea, but that everyone of them have as target the American lands. They forgot, though, to remember to the entire world and to South Korea that they have thousands of pieces of artillery and hundreds of rocket launchers that can incinerate Seoul in a few hours.
We’re observing the new big trick of North Korea to the Western World, to Japan and to South Korea itself. If the issue of the atomic weapons owned by Kim won’t be faced, contextually to the missile capability of Pyongyang, after this politics of accommodation and fake peace, at the end of Trump’s presidency, in some years, we’ll observe North Korea aggressively operating against the South, and revealing itself the greatest China’s ally in the (politic, diplomatic and maybe military) conflict for the control of the South and East China Sea, a preparatory fact to Beijing’s military global expansion towards Africa and then Middle-East and Europe. 
Deceiving that the North-Korean dictatorship is honest about its desire of peace is a mistake committed too many times in the past: it donated some months of ephemeral calmness, and then woke up us to a strategic nightmare characterized by bad options, both political and military. 
We hope that Moon today won’t repeat the same mistake, even if there are all the premises of new Kim Jong Un’s win at the poker table of diplomacy.