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South Korea in Kim Jong Un’s trap

Peace, Olympic games, easing of tensions, opening of the communication routes between Pyongyang and Seoul; but will be in trouble the one who nominates the atomic weapons which North Korea owns. In short, here it is what happened and is happening in these hours at “Peace village” beside the 38th parallel. Kim, taking advantage of […]

The Olympic games: to Kim Jong Un, they’re a way to avoid sanctions

Olympic truce, Peace, Olive branch: these are the comments about the next meeting between the two Koreas, which will have as main topic the next Winter Olympics and the possibility that Pyongyang’s athletes could take part in them. But Kim Jong Un’s purpose is not peace, it is not the Olympic truce, it is not […]

A naval block to Kim’s oil? China in front of crossroads

Namp’o: this is the name you have to remember. Because Namp’o is the maritime terminal from which arrives most of the oil that is necessary to the survival and development of the country led by Kim Jong Un.
Many think that oil supplies come to Korea by land from the Chinese border, but actually the main […]

Iran: Square protests against the Ayatollah Theocracy

Tonight, the second day of protests against the theocratic Ayatollah’s government, we inform you about what is happening in numerous Iranian cities. First of all, we have to evidence that the protests are coordinated among many cities, manifestations characterized by the similarity of the requests and the form of protests; this lead us to think […]